People say you should be open-minded — accepting of people with diverse upbringing, listening without judging, and considering all sides of an issue. Even though that’s sensible in theory, we find it difficult in practice.Are you open or closed-minded? Which of these 18 aspects of close mindedness do you wish to overcome so as to become more open minded ?

Raising children in a modern day environment can be stressful and difficult at the best of times. But I genuinely believe that it should be regarded as an honour and a pleasure by all adults who are able to influence children in any way,therefore, to be a positive influence onto children which of these 10 behaviors according to you will have a lasting impact on them.


We tend to compare ourselves to others all the time. We compare ourselves to friends on social media, colleagues at the workplace, and even strangers at the gym. We rate our appearance, possessions, performance, and even our problems. In most cases, comparing our self to others is extremely counterproductive. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Therefore which of these six reasons are strong enough to dissuade us to stop comparing ourselves to others:

Sometimes we lose ourselves dealing with family, friends, stress, anxiety, work and a ton of other things. It’s time to heal, transform, and build yourself to a better version of you and learn how to build a healthy mindset for growth and opportunity. Whether you are looking to get on a road to better health,make huge life changes or decisions, or just need some help navigating through life and figuring out what comes next. You will become a stronger, more decisive, confident version of yourself by finding and identifying with your Passion. Therefore , which of these facets could help you become the best version of Yourself ?