Happiness (a condition so fundamental to the human experience that it is synonymous with “quality of life”) can also be broken down into its elemental parts and then reassembled into a system for understanding and creating a successful life. Therefore is Happiness a mysterious, elusive condition or which of the below mentioned essentials do you think can empower you to generate Happiness ?. The chart below demonstrates that happiness results from a full, holistic life and that this can be achieved by Freedom and Purpose.


The motives for demonetisation are said to be many; flush out or destroy hoarded black money, render fake currency sterile, push the country into a banking (and cashless) economy by forcing people to open bank accounts and perhaps most important, to end tax evasion. When hoarders and tax dodgers make huge deposits to rescue at least a part of their loot, the rest is confiscated unless the cash can be explained. This is a boon to current year revenue. But more important is that once tax dodgers are flushed into the open the taxman can keep them under surveillance in future. Demonetisation is a unique, large and complex exercise; Will parts of the project fail ? Overall, is it to the good ?