Is setting and accomplishing goals really what sets successful people apart? Goal setting is an incredibly powerful tool both in terms of our own self development and our family’s. When goal setting is used effectively it can greatly enhance your skill as an effective and motivating leader. Throughout history strong leaders and family’s have used goals to shape and influence the destinies of millions. And this is why they’re so vital. You see, you and your family can leave such an imprint on the lives of others by setting worthwhile goals and committing to their achievement.Goals provide you with a sense of direction to keep you focused on what’s important. Setting Goals bring to life a sense of order and purpose that sustains desire and motivation over a long period of time! Therefore, which of the principles on the checklist below would you apply to ensure that you’ve got your goals in place ?


Charisma can be learned: How to be the person who lights up a room.Charisma – that beautiful quality that lights up a party, an office, a silver screen. The dictionary defines charisma as, “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” People with charisma tend to project calmness, self-confidence, assertiveness, honesty, authenticity, enthusiasm and, almost always, they have excellent communication skills. These traits are supported by positive body language transmitted through their posture, facial expressions, eye contact and hand movements.Which of these 9 Steps according to you could skyrocket your allure towards becoming more Charismatic ?

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