We all endevour to learn something new and make an improvement that makes u better at something every single day. It sounds daunting, but improvements don’t have to be huge, they can be really small which incrementally leads to huge change.Wake up every day and ask yourself what is the 1% improvement I can change to make myself better personally and professionally. Which of the following 5 would you consider important to pursue to help you evolve constantly?

For many years, Oxford University Press has had the opportunity to talk with thousands of Teaching professionals and feel like they have a pretty good idea of the unique challenges Teachers encounter in fulfilling their responsibilities. OUP have combined this insight with data from external sources to develop the following Top-10 list of challenges faced by Teaching professionals. Which of these Challenges do you consider important to overcome – to achieve satisfaction that you are Teaching well ?

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There are only so many hours in a day, and you want to make the most of them. Being more decisive will help you reclaim the time you spend going back and forth (and back again).But for many of us, it’s more natural to flip-flop. That’s because—especially at work—you want to be sure you’ve really thought through your approach and are making the very best choice.Which of the following 6 mindsets could help you make good decisions, and be decisive without delay ?

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The teacher–student relationship is one of the most powerful elements within the learning environment. A major factor affecting students’ development, school engagement and academic motivation, teacher–student relationships form the basis of the social context in which learning takes place.Supportive and positive relationships between teachers and students ultimately promote a “sense of school belonging” and encourage students to “participate cooperatively in classroom activities” Therefore, which out of these 16 Principles would you consider applying over Students to have a positive & permanent impact on their lives ?